Truck & Track Scales

Truck & Track Scales

When making an important capital purchase, buying on price or warranty alone can have poor long term results. Not every scale is alike and choosing the right scale for your application can be tricky. We believe in educating the buyer with the knowledge we have accumulated over the past 90+ years of servicing scales to make the decision. Questions you should be prepared to be asked are:

  • What kind of vehicles and how much do they weigh?
  • How many vehicles a day come across the scale?
  • Above ground or in-ground installation?
  • Is water/ice and dirt a consideration?
  • Will you be filling the vehicle on the scale?
  • Do you need traffic control? Will the scale be bi-directional?
  • Will the scale be attended or un-attended?

These are just some of the factors when considering a scale for your application. We offer:

  • Turn-key installations
  • Portable or permanent installations
  • Retrofit or new installations
  • Custom sized scales

Contact us today at 888-437-4278 if you have any questions or require any information. Our expert team is here to help.

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