Cryogenic Liquid Filling Systems

Gerhart offers a full line of cryogenic liquid filling solutions including single- and multi-scale controllers, top and bottom filling systems, CryoFill and CryoScan systems, and automated pumping controls. Gerhart is a Master Distributor for Rice Lake and Fairbanks.

Multi-Scale Controllers

Multi-scale controllers from Gerhart are ideal for controlling up to eight scale platforms.

Controller Options

  • Graphical display of fill process
  • Gross or net weight
  • Vent Thermocouple Shutdown
  • Multi-product selector (use one controller for three different products)

Manifold Options

  • Magnatrol Solenoids or Worcester Ball Valves
  • Armor-cased liquid cylinder hose
  • Quick-connect tee handles

CryoFill Liquid Filling Systems

Liquid filling systems customized for your operations, CryoFill systems are available with single- and multi-scale controls for automated filling.

  • Choose from a variety of floor scales: Fairbanks, Rice Lake, low-profile, etc.
  • Data acquisition
  • Gravity fill
  • Centrifugal pumping

CryoScan Liquid Cylinder Filling Systems

Gerhart’s fastest, most efficient liquid cylinder filling system, CryoScan utilizes a centrifugal pump and a barcode or RFID scanner to quickly scan fill setpoints and start the filling process. Pump operations are completely controlled by the system—all operators have to think about is connecting and disconnecting liquid cylinders.

  • Automatic cooldown
  • Cavitation protection
  • Automatic bypass control
  • Scanner and database management to store, add, and update liquid cylinder fill data
  • Pump suction pressure monitoring for pumps with gas seal
  • Bypass timer
  • Typical pump seal life of 750+ hours
  • SafeHose-PT technology