High-Pressure Pumps & Controls

Whether you need a new pump system, a refurbished system, or a control panel system, Gerhart delivers a full range of high-pressure pump solutions.

Refurbished Pump Systems

In addition to the design and fabrication of new high-pressure pump systems, Gerhart offers pump refurbishing when extending the life of a pump makes more economic sense than investing in a new system. Rebuilding an old pump is cost-effective and allows for improvements to the original package design. Refurbishing an existing pump skid can double the life of your pump without doubling your investment.

Basic Pump Control Panels

Available with 208 to 480 three-phase service, basic pump control panels from Gerhart deliver an array of features including:

  • Nema four-powder coated panel
  • Fused disconnect
  • Over-pressure switch
  • Hour meter
  • Contacts for remote start/stop and low-temperature shutdown (optional)

CryoSentry Cryogenic Pump Control Panels

Gerhart’s CryoSentry pump control panels utilize innovative Pump Rotation Technology to significantly reduce wear on critical components. CryoSentry automatically changes the direction of the motor each time the pump is started.

With CryoSentry, operators are automatically alerted to scheduled maintenance requirements and alarm conditions. Any pump manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule can be programmed.

  • No more wondering why the pump shut down—shutdown causes are displayed until acknowledged
  • High-pressure switch, low-temperature contacts, hour meter, and disconnect are all included in our standard controller
  • Optional features include auto-cooldown, cavitation protection, unloader valve, and storage filling

CryoSentry-LX Cryogenic Pump Control Panels

CryoSentry-LX pump control panels offer an array of advanced features including reversing motor starter, maintenance alerts, alarm history for last event, auto-cooldown, cavitation protection, and unloader valve. Additional features include:

  • 6” color touchscreen with shade guard
  • Remote monitor or control with smartphone or PC
  • Email alerts for maintenance, faults, and shutdowns
  • Event logging for complete history of all pump cycle activities
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Uploading to any PC via ethernet history of alarms, and event/pump histories
  • Auto-start-storage filling (optional)
  • Variable-speed drive to change flowrate of the pump (optional)