Gerhart’s selection of vaporizer equipment includes cryogenic ambient vaporizers, CO2 Dragon gas-fired CO2 vaporizers, and custom equipment.

Cryogenic Ambient Vaporizers

Cryogenic ambient vaporizers from Gerhart are available up to 10,000 PSIG, with stainless or Monel piping, and up to 20,000 SCH or higher.

CO2 Dragon Gas-Fired Vaporizers

CO2 Dragon gas-fired CO2 vaporizers are designed to cost up to 10 times less to operate than conventional electric vaporizers or electric bath vaporizers.

  • Natural gas or propane sealed combustion furnace
  • 20-minute recovery time
  • Fill 48 25% CO2 cylinders at 25 lbs./min. at a constant 70F gas outlet
  • Two parallel welded stainless steel coils for minimal pressure drop
  • 150-gallon insulated tank
  • Low-water-level alarm
  • Temperature indicator for bath and boiler outlet
  • Rated at 1500 PSIG
  • Optional low-temperature bypass circuit
  • Package for easy installation

Custom Equipment

Gerhart’s engineering team can quickly design and fabricate custom manifolds, panels and, turnkey vaporizer systems.